Daniel Friedman

Brooklyn, NY

September 26, 2016

On His Decision to Become a Physical Therapist:
“My cousin was in physical therapy school and as I started taking pre-requisites, everything just clicked with me.” 

On His Decision to Attend SHS DPT Program:
“I heard great things about the Touro graduates and in researching the curriculum and liked how comprehensive it was.”

On His Favorite Part of the SHS DPT program:
“My classmates were the best part of SHS for me. We all got along and helped each other out. If someone was struggling we all pitched in to help him.”

On His Goals:
“I want to go into orthopedic physical therapy and work with athletes.”

On His Best Lesson from the SHS DPT program:
“It’s an incredibly important skill to be able to communicate and get along with others. Being able to communicate properly enables you to really connect with patients and colleagues.”