Educate 2B! Tools for Engaged Learning and Living

Touro College Manhattan Campus, 6th Floor
27 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10010
School of Health Sciences
July 18, 2018, 8:00 AM - July 18, 2018, 5:00 PM
Touro College

Manhattan Campus, 6th Floor
27 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10010

One-day training for Therapists and Educators 


Allison Morgan | MA, OTR, E-RYT | Founder

Allison Morgan MA, OTR, E-RYT is the founder and CEO of Zensational Kids, an educational company bringing evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices to school communities worldwide. Teaching the inner resources of focused attention, self-awareness and resilience, Allison is passionate about training educators, mental health professionals and allied health professionals effective techniques to share these practices with youth. She began integrating yoga and mindfulness into her therapy sessions with children in 2007. Discovering the multitude of physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral benefits these practices offered her occupational therapy clients, and recognizing the need for more mental health programs in schools, Allison began writing curriculum and developing teacher training programs to help others share these practices.

As a sought-after international speaker, she brings knowledge, wit and joy to inspire her audience as they tap into their own inner resilience, empowering them to share it with those they serve.

Corinne Krill, MA, E-RYT, CTSY

Corinne teaches mindfulness, breath and movement as stress-reduction techniques to adults and children of all ages and abilities.

Her desire is to empower individuals to manage their overall health and well-being integrating these techniques into everyday living, especially for those managing PTSD, anxiety and depression symptoms. Corinne has received over 500 hours in training in different modalities including Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Street Yoga-Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth, Radiant Child, YoKid, Yoga for Differently-Abled Children, Heart-Mind & Mindful School curriculums. Corinne co-created and delivered a training course called, “Teaching Yoga to Traumatized Youth” for YoKid. Corinne regularly presents workshops to teens and adults on how to use mindfulness, breath and movement practices for emotional balance.


Research has proven that a student’s academic achievement in the classroom, future success in life and overall happiness is significantly impacted by the attainment of 3 skills:

  • SELF-REGULATION – Ability to attain, maintain and change arousal states appropriately.
  • FOCUS – Ability to direct attention and manage distractions.
  • RESILIENCE – Ability to adapt and thrive despite adversity and challenges.


  • Cultivate students’ ability to self-regulate, focus and build resiliency.
  • Utilize and tech 30 short, evidence-based breathing, movement and mindfulness exercises to introduce as “2 minute breaks” throughout the day
  • Provide students with the tools “2B” calm, energized, focused, connected and ready to learn which are easily integrated into any classroom, therapy or counseling setting.
  • Empower students to take an active role in understanding, achieving and maintaining an optimal learning state.
  • Develop healthy habits to reduce stress, balance energy and support positive mindsets.


  • Comprehensive 128-page, fully illustrated manual defining, the science and the practice of using each tool. ($45.00) value.
  • Opportunity for experiential learning: performing, practicing and reflection on the effects of the tools throughout the day.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the like-minded educators and further facilitate the collaboration between teachers and school-based therapists.

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