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The One-Sided Relationship A relationship that’s one-sided is not satisfying. When we feel dominated by our partner, we’re likely to feel our self-confidence gradually erode, and that can fuel a host of other problems. 
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As anyone who’s been in a relationship for more than a few days knows, conflicts between partners are unavoidable. They can crop up for any number of reasons, but very often it’s because of some perceived inequity in the relationship. Why inequities can cause conflicts is best explained through what researchers call Social Exchange Theory. According to this theory, marriage can be looked as a barter system. Each of us strives to get certain benefits from our partner. We also understand there are things of similar value we have to give in return if we’re to receive these benefits. Said another way, while we might like to do or say nice things to our partner, there are usually strings attached.
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We all seek meaningful relationships and yet, for many of us, this goal remains elusive. What does it take to sustain a healthy and happy relationship? A lot of work and commitment, says Dr. Louis Primavera, dean of Touro College’s School of Health Sciences and coauthor of the newly-published Making Marriage Work, along with Dr. Rob Pascale. The two have identified these four key cornerstones for building a good relationship:
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As we interact with our partners in a relationship, it is likely that they will do things that we consider harmful.