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In a fitting tribute to the founding of the physician assistant (PA) profession by four U.S. Navy corpsmen, Touro College’s Graduate School of Health Sciences is offering scholarships for its PA program to individuals who have actively served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Services at any time.
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Military veteran Carlos Cuello enlisted in the U.S. Navy in a move he calls “a last shot at achieving the American dream.” Now, he’s an undergraduate student pursuing the Physician Assistant program—with a 4.0 GPA—at the Touro College School of Health Sciences.
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  Every first-year PT student takes a Professional Development course in his or her first semester, in which they are given an assignment to interview a senior citizen. The purpose, explains Professor Shira Weiner, is “to emphasize the many facets of psychosocial interactions surrounding an intergenerational relationship, and to allow students to practice the skills needed to elicit useful information from another person, as this is an important component of the clinical encounter.”
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In 1967, James Anderson spent his Thanksgiving in Vietnam. His squad had been in a three-day firefight, but were told to pull back as they approached the border of Cambodia. Nine of his friends had been killed in the battle. While Anderson and a friend ate the hot rations that the army sent them in honor of the holiday, he gestured to the nine body bags across the road.