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Swinging for the Fences

February 15, 2019

As part of an exclusive fellowship, Touro College School of Health Sciences Doctorate of Physical Therapy alum Keith Levinson (Class of ’11) helped promising baseball players get ready for their Major Leagues debut.

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“The Future is Bright”

February 04, 2019

The thirty members of the class of 2019 Touro’s School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Winthrop Extension Center (WEC) took a huge leap in their medical journey when they donned their white coat in a ceremony held at Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center on January 11. The ceremony marked their graduation from their program. After class members sit for the boards, they will move on to work as physician assistants in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices across the US.

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Touro College School of Health Sciences’ Joseph Tommasino Makes His Mark on National Cholesterol Study

January 02, 2019

There’s one topic that’s off the table when Joseph Tommasino and his wife join their four grown children and nine grandchildren for Sunday dinners. “Cholesterol,” Tommasino says, laughing. “We do not talk about cholesterol.”

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Student Spotlight: Yvette Mazloumi

November 30, 2018

Growing up in Germany with Iranian Jewish parents, Yvette Mazloumi understands what it feels like to not quite blend in. She has felt like an outsider both in her native country and again after relocating to the U.S. But these experiences helped Yvette to be more sympathetic to the obstacles others are facing and prompted her to enter the mental health field.

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Is the Assumption Correct?

November 12, 2018

For their final research project, one group of School of Health Sciences occupational therapy students studied their fellow student. Entitled, “Metamorphosis from Student to Therapist: A Case Study,” the project looked at a promising occupational therapy student and the challenges she faced on her way to graduation.

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“The Military Gave Me a Foundation for My Life”

November 11, 2018

Dale Andrews, a former combat medic, said that his experience in the military led him to become a physician assistant.

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From Army Reservist to PA

November 11, 2018

Staff Sergeant David Rivera, a student at the School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant-Manhattan program, has been a member of the United States Army Reservists for the last 15 years.

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Touro College’s School of Health Sciences Alum Dogus Akay Highlights How His Education Prepared Him for His Physical Therapy Career

October 26, 2018

Dogus Akay doesn’t sugarcoat why in 2014 he decided to attend Touro College School of Health Sciences in Manhattan. “Location,” admits Akay, a newly-minted graduate with a doctorate in physical therapy. “I had no expectations. But from day one, it was a great experience. The faculty was the best part. Besides teaching manual PT techniques, they offer professional advice and support.” Early on, Akay, now 26 and originally from Turkey, decided he wanted to become active in the New York Physical Therapy Association: “I went to our director and told her and she immediately put me in touch with the people who could help me get involved.”

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“You Are Descendants of Warriors in a Noble Tradition”

October 15, 2018

For physician assistant Chelsea Weir, a member of the graduating class of the School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Bay Shore program, donning her white coat ceremony was imbued with meaning.

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“Imagine Your Future and Go Create It”

October 11, 2018

Hundreds of friends and family members celebrated with graduates of Touro College School of Health Sciences on September 13 at the Tilles Center in Long Island. SHS awarded 510 degrees in fields ranging from undergraduate health sciences to doctorates in physical therapy.

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