Manhattan PA Students Kick Off the New Semester

During Orientation Week, the Class of 2018 cleaned up Battery Park and mingled at a Yankees game.

September 23, 2015
‌‌   Sitting with faculty, current students and alumni in a reserved section of the stadium, the new students experienced a taste of classic New York...
‌‌‌‌ they cheered on the Yankees and saw the name of their new school featured up on the big screen. 
 ‌‌‌‌    A few days later, the PA students traveled downtown to Battery Park to show their commitment to community service by working together to pick up trash from the bushes surrounding Battery Park and to pull out weeds from the Battery Urban Farm.



“We started with a jungle of weeds, and two hours later it was back to being a beautiful garden," said Susan Ko-Velez, the Class of 2018 student government treasurer. “In this spirit of cooperation and dedication, we hope that the students continue to work hard in all their endeavors as they accelerate through the program.”  



Kristin Thompson, MHS PA-C Program Director, said she and her staff enjoyed the opportunity to welcome the forty-five new students to the Manhattan PA program last week. "Our social orientation activities allowed faculty, staff, and alumni to mingle with the new students. Great fun was had by all!”