Sandeep Prabhu, DPT, OCS: The Beauty of Human Movement

ā€œIā€™m fascinated by the human body and the way it moves, and also by its ability to heal itself, to repair itself.ā€

June 16, 2016

Dr. Prabhu, who calls himself a “body mechanic,” now works as a physical therapist at New York Spine and Sport Rehabilitation Medicine (NYSSRB). Many of Sandeep’s clients have chronic pain due to an injury, and/or they’ve recently undergone a surgery. Their functioning having been impaired for quite some time, they come to him for pain relief and/or to regain their ability for movement. “It takes undoing the damage that’s been done over a period of time and then laying the foundation for them to get better,” he says.

Dr. Prabhu, who grew up in India, became interested in the field when he was just a child. He spent much of his youth watching physical therapists help his grandfather—who had suffered a stroke—recover. “I was amazed at what my grandfather was able to do after therapy,” he remembers.

Before enrolling in Touro, Dr. Prabhu completed his Master’s degree in Movement Science at Teachers College Columbia University, where he became involved in research and published a paper in The Journal of Development Medicine and Child Neurology.

When he first began working at NYSSRB, he decided he wanted to expand, and improve, his repertoire of PT skills. That’s when he found out about Touro’s School of Health Sciences’ OPTR Program. “My teachers at Touro have made me into a better therapist and a better clinician.  They’re so passionate about their work, and their teaching, that it rubs off on you.”

This is Dr. Prabhu’s story.