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Online Courses

Online courses provide flexibility, allowing you to work according to your own schedule while simultaneously participating in a rigorous and rewarding educational experience. Be sure to read the Undergraduate Student Handbook for Online Education for information on policies, procedures and how online classes work. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Lea (Friedman) Abberbock
Program Manager, Online Education

Shevy Schiffer
Presidential Fellow, Online Education
(646) 565-6000, Ext. 55045

Marian Stoltz-Loike, Ph.D.
Vice President, Online Education
(646) 565-6000 Ext. 55355



Fall 2017 Online Course Schedule

CRN # Course Code   Course Title Credits Instructor
(Enrollment in any Business course requires written permission from the Department Chair)
10852 EBEN 101 OL Principles of Macroeconomics          3 Rockove, David
10854 EBEN 102 OL Principles of Microeconomics (cap at 15)   3 Rockove, David
10855 EBFN 220 OL Corporation Finance (cap at 15) 3 Rosenberg, Menachem
10856 EBKN 101 OL Principles of Marketing (cap at 15)                   3 Rovt, Steven
10857 EBMN 340 OL Long Term Care Administration 3 Stern, Joseph
10858 EBLN 100 OL Gerontology 3 Stern, Joseph
10859 EBFN 101 OL Principles of Finance (cap at 15) 3 Cohn, Gordon
10860 EBAN 209 OL Financial statement analysis 3 Berger. Dovi
(LAS students can register for GHS History courses with Departmental approval)
GHSN 105
HISN 141
US History from Settlements to 1877) 4
Lauer, Theodore
12381 12523 GHSN 240/ GHSN 240T OL Ethinic Groups in the United States 4 Lauer, Theodore

10866 12382


GJSN 271/ GJSN 271T

HISN 271

OL American Jewish History 4
Lauer, Theodore
GHSN 450
HISN 450
OL American Cultural History 4
Lauer, Theodore
10871 HISN 220 OL Survey of Modern History I 3 Lauer, Theodore
10872 HISN 221 OL Survey of Mondern History II 3 Lauer,Ttheodore

10873 12383


GHSN 306/ GHSN 306T

HISN 306

History of New York City 4
Hymes, Elliot
12384 10875 GHSN 325/ GHSN 325T OL Civil Rights Movements in the US 4 Lauer, Theodore

10876 12925


GHSN 202/ GHSN 202T

HMHN 101

OL Ancient Civilizations (Restricted to NYSCAS)
Greek and Roman History (Restricted to LAS)
3 Ninness, Richard
10877 HISN 155 OL History of the Jewish People I 3 Abramson, Henry
10882 COAN 101 OL Art of Western Civilization 3 Grenadir, Atara
( Specific courses in the Computer Department may have different exam dates. Please check the exact dates with your professor)
10883 MATN 120 OL Pre-Calculus 3 Adout, Robert
10884 MATN 121 OL Calculus I 3 Adout, Robert
10887 10889
or GSMN130/132
MATN 111
OL College Math
(LAS students should register for MATN 111)
(SCAS students should register for a GSMN course)
3 Adout, Robert
10890 MATN 261 OL Statistics for Social Science Majors 3 Adout, Robert
10891 MCON 140 OL Computer Concepts with Microcomputer Applications 3 Fink, Jesse
10893 MCON 148 OL Computer Business Applications 3 Fink, Shmuel
10894 MCON 245 OL Unix 3 Fink, Shmuel
10895 MCON 275 OL Advanced Internet Tools & Web Page Design 3 Gutherc, Miriam
10896 MCON 358 OL Web Programming 3 Gutherc, Miriam
10898 PSYN 326 OL Forensic Psychology(pre-req PSY 101) 3 Litwin, Elissa
10899 PSYN 201 OL Developmental Psychology (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Litwin, Elissa
10901 PSYN 301 OL Experimental Psychology(pre-req PSY 101, MAT 261) 3 Litwin, Elissa
10911 PSYN 301T OL Experimental Psychology Lab(co-requisite for PSY 301 OL) 1 Litwin, Elissa
10913 PSYN 310 OL Personality (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Brownstein, Aaron
10914 PSYN 325 OL Drugs & Behavior (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Tarshish, Chaim
10915 PSYN 335 OL Abnormal Psychology (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Brownstein, Aaron
10916 PSYN 345 OL Psychology of Health and Illness (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Litwin, Elissa
10917 PSYN 351 OL Biological Psychology (pre-req PSY 101) 3 Tarshish, Chaim
10919 GPSN 216 OL Adolescent Development 3 Anjum, Aruba
10920 GPSN 224 OL Psychology of the Family 3 Anjum, Aruba
10921 GPSN 204 OL Child Psychology 3 Anjum, Aruba
10922 SASN 103 OL Introduction to Sociology 3 Finkelstein, Marni
10933 EDUN 201 OL Psychosocial Foundations of Growth, Development & Learning, Birth-Grade 6 3 Shapiro, Chaim
10935 EDUN 301 OL Teaching Reading & Language Arts, Grades 1-6 3 Zelasko, Deborah
10938 EDUN 303 OL Teaching The Social Studies Spectrum Subjects, Grades 1-6 3 Carlin, Brian
10947 SPEN 309 OL Principles of Curriculum Development for Students with Disabilities, Grades 1-6 3 Hamilton, Sherry
10940 EDUN 311 OL Principles of Early Childhood Education 3 Hamilton, Sherry
10950 SPEN 313 OL Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experience for Young Exceptional Children 3 Hamilton, Sherry
10942 EDUN 316 OL Language Acquisition & Emergent Literacy I, Birth-Pre-K 3 Zelasko, Deborah
12195 EDUN 304 OL Math, Science & Technology, Teaching & Remediation 3 Czeladnicki, Benjamin

Students enrolled in an online course are required to take their final exams online via ProctorU. By enrolling in this course you agree to pay the associated exam fee directly to ProctorU*. Touro College is not responsible for remitting payment to ProctorU on behalf of students enrolled in this course. Additionally, Touro College is not responsible for reminding students to remit payment to ProctorU. Any student who fails to pay the exam fee to ProctorU by 3 days prior to the final may be charged an additional late fee. Any resulting consequence, up through and including failure of the course, is the sole responsibility of the student. Please contact with any questions.

* Beginning Fall 2017, the exam fee will be included with registration fees for each online course. Please keep in mind that you will still be required to register for your exams with ProctorU.  Registration for exams will begin approximately three weeks before the exam.  Please note that ProctorU will charge a late fee to students who do not register for the exam 3 days prior to the exam date. The late fee is paid directly to ProctorU when you register. 

Final exams can now be taken from wherever you are using ProctorU, a safe, online proctoring service. To find out more information on how ProctorU works, please visit

To register for your final exam, go to ProctorU, create an account, and select your specific course.

Please be aware:

  • Final exams must be taken using a desktop or a laptop, iPads and tablets cannot be used with ProctorU. Review the tech specifications to make sure your computer is compatible with ProctorU.
  • Final exams may not be taken on campus.
  • There is an associated $25 fee that is to be paid directly to ProctorU when you register for your final exam.
  • Computer exams may be administered on a different date. Please check with your professor.

Good luck with your online course, and we hope you enjoy your online learning experience. If you have any questions, please contact the Online Education team at