Honors Tracks

You already know you want to pursue a career in pharmacy or health sciences. 

Our Integrated Honors Tracks are for students who commit early to specific professional careers in science. Designed for outstanding incoming students who officially identify their career tracks when they apply, these tracks offer students the opportunity to seamlessly transition into one of Touro’s outstanding graduate schools. 

Students serious about a career in the health sciences may be eligible for the Integrated Health Science Honors Track (including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant programs) or the Academic Excellence Track (physician assistant program) with the School of Health Sciences, and those interested in pharmacy may be eligible for the Integrated Pharmacy Honors Track with Touro College of Pharmacy

Accepted students will receive their undergraduate education in their chosen field at SHS Undergraduate Studies and, after successful completion of their undergraduate education and fulfillment of the necessary pre-requisites, will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition into the respective Touro graduate degree programs.