In the Community

In addition to scholarship and skills, being a part of the community is an integral aspect of the education we offer.

Service is an opportunity to learn, to perfect one's skills, and to help make a positive difference for families and individuals.

It's why we have a clinic, the Speech and Hearing Center, staffed by our Speech Language Pathology students and faculty, centrally located in Brooklyn.

And why we require our students to complete a community service project in order to graduate. Working with individuals with disabilities and their families, teaching technology to seniors in a nursing home, volunteering at a therapeutic horsemanship program, our students learn empathy and a broader appreciation and understanding of the patient beyond the clinic. 

Our Bay Shore campus organizes a health fair with CarFit screenings each year and many of our faculty volunteer in aspects that tie in with their research, such as fall prevention for seniors, intergenerational learning and using sports to advance the socio-emotional and motor performance of children with disabilities.