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Q&A with Touro’s School of Health Sciences New Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Director

July 15, 2019

Officially kicking off her new role on July 1st, we recently spoke with Dr. Asner-Self about her vision for the program and her strong passion for mental health.

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What Everyone Should Know About Addiction

June 28, 2019

What is addiction?

When we talk about addiction, we are referring to when someone becomes physically and/or psychologically dependent on a substance or an activity to the point they cannot stop thinking about it (obsession) even when not engaged with that substance or activity. For example, people who are addicted to alcohol are always either drinking alcohol or thinking about when they can get their hands on more alcohol. Based on new professional language, addiction of substances is now called Substance Use Disorder; this refers to addiction to alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Although the term addiction is also used to refer to addiction to food or to activities such as internet addiction, these are under a different category of disorders.

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Alumni Spotlight: Sean Getty

June 26, 2019

After graduating Touro College School of Health Sciences with an M.S. in Occupational Therapy (OT), alum Sean Getty began working at Stony Brook University as a Site Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor. In his spare time, he and third year OT students teamed up to develop, a website dedicated to pairing mentors and mentees to facilitate the critical relationship therapists need to succeed.

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Southworth

June 20, 2019

Southworth explains what brought her to Touro College School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant-Manhattan program, her appointment on the American Academy of Physician Assistants Committee and more.

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Starting Over

June 19, 2019

All through elementary school, high school and college, Jermaine Lee lived and breathed football. Then, at the age of 22, his dream came true. He was signed as a defensive end for the Canadian Pro Football League team, the Edmonton Eskimos. Two years later, like many football players, an injury changed everything. With a bum hamstring, Lee was released from the team and suddenly the life he had trained and planned for was finished. For 24-year-old Lee, it was time to start over.

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Meeting a Need

June 19, 2019

“One in 59 children today is diagnosed with some form of autism, and so the need for qualified professionals who can assess and work with this population has never been greater,” explains Karrie Lindeman, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Behavior Analysis, at Touro's School of Health Sciences' Department of Behavioral Sciences. To meet this need, Touro began offering an Advanced Certificate program in Behavior Analysis (ABA) and graduated its first class of behavior analysts in 2018. Now these behavior analysts are applying their skills and using their credentials to help individuals who have been diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum or related disorders.

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Alumni Spotlight: Klarisse Mathis

June 17, 2019

Recent Touro College School of Health Sciences graduate Klarisse Mathis always knew she wanted to work in the medical field but craved a job with more flexibility than a doctor’s schedule allows. After realizing that becoming a PA would enable her to treat and work closely with patients while also performing different specialties, she knew this career path was an ideal fit for her.

Mathis discusses why she chose Touro, the essential skills learned in her college classroom that she is leveraging in her current role at Lenox Hill Hospital and more.

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“Be Someone’s Advocate”

May 30, 2019

Rabbi Moses Krupka had delivered many invocations before as executive vice president of Touro College and while all of them were meaningful, the invocation he delivered at the start of Touro’s School of Health Sciences-Manhattan Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony on May 9 was especially powerful. Among the 42 graduates of the Class of 2019 was Rabbi Krupka’s daughter, Elka Epstein.

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Touro Physician Assistant Students Peddle with Passion in Cycle for Survival Event

March 25, 2019

After being diagnosed with Stage 4S Neuroblastoma at just two months old, Touro Physician Assistant (PA) Manhattan campus student Blake Bohlig successfully won the fight for her life.

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When a Passion for Medicine Helps Save a Life

February 26, 2019

Usually when you head to the gym, it’s to burn off some much needed steam and sweat out your stress through some cardio and/or weight lifting. In early December, Touro College School of Health Sciences physician assistant (PA) student Rebecca Moers headed to her Long Island-based Planet Fitness for what she thought would be a quick workout and ended up leaving a lifesaver.

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