Industrial-Organizational Psychology

A master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology will increase your professional value, and equip you with the practical tools and psychological methods to help businesses become more productive and profitable.


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Any large organization faces many personnel issues where psychological expertise is crucial. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists apply psychology to the world of work by bringing scientific methodology to critical workplace challenges.

Research in I-O psychology includes topics such as sexual harassment, personality and hiring, absenteesm, gender and leadership, workplace aggression, organizational justice, diversity, cross-cultural studies, globalization and motivation, and an I-O professional brings their skills to issues such as training and development, selection and promotion, talent spotting and individual assessment, understanding and changing the organizational culture, HR strategy during mergers and acquisitions, executive coaching, leadership succession planning, research and data analysis, and other key HR challenges. Our students learn to understand the theories, models and philosophies that relate to these areas in applied settings.

Our practitioner-oriented program covers a broad range of psychological principles and behavioral strategies that will teach you the finer points of organizational management, policy planning, and employee development. You will learn to accurately assess organizational effectiveness and help businesses successfully implement strategies to lower costs and turnover while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Program is available on-campus or fully online. On-campus classes are offered on weekday evenings to accommodate working professionals.

Why Touro?

Students come so they can get a better job once they graduate. We've designed our curriculum so you're in a position to do just that. A two-pronged approach, our intensive curriculum ensures you have the knowledge and information to do the job, and impress prospective employers, and our required internship, makes sure you have the work experience to back it up and really know what you're talking about. 

Touro graduates are earning approximately $50-60K in their first full-time positions after graduating. The median salary for I-O psychology professionals with a master's degree and two years work experience is $80K, and upwards of $120k for those that go on to get a Ph.D. With positions available in consulting, business, education, government, and community and healthcare organizations, and growth predicted through the next decade, jobs in industrial organizational psychology are in demand. Our graduates possess the degree and experience to get them. 


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