BS Degree Plan of Study

The nursing curriculum is developed in accordance with the program’s mission, goals, and expected student outcomes. The curriculum reflects professional nursing standards and guidelines and the needs and expectations of the community of interest. Teaching-learning practices are congruent with expected student outcomes.

The BS in Nursing degree is a traditional Bachelor of Science Degree that is typically earned within two to four years, during which the student completes 125 credits; 61 credits in nursing, 63 credits in liberal arts and 1 credit in community service. Nursing Courses are offered at our Brooklyn campus. Liberal Art and Science courses are offered throughout Touro College locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island.



Fall Semester 1

LLE 101/GLL 121: English Composition 1  (3cr)

HIS/GHS: History Course  (3cr)

MAT 111: College Math or MAT 120: Pre-calculus  (3cr)

Elective Course (3cr)

Total: 12 credits


Spring Semester 2

LLE 102/GLL 122: English Composition 2  (3cr)

HIS/GHS: History Course  (3cr)

BIO 248: Nutrition for Nursing Majors  (3cr)

MAT 261/GSM 261: Statistics for Social Science Majors  (3cr)

Elective Course  (3cr)

Total: 15 credits


Fall Semester 3

BIO 120: Human A&P for Nursing I  (4cr)

LLE/GLL: Literature  (3cr)

MCO / GCO: Computer Course (3cr)

SPL/GCA 101: Fundamentals of Speech  (3cr)

PSY/GPS: Psychology Course   (3cr)

Total: 16 credits


Spring Semester 4

BIO 122:   Human A&P for Nursing II  (4cr)

LLE/GLL:   Literature  (3cr)

BIO 229:   Applied Microbiology  (4cr)

SAS/GSO: Sociology  (3cr)

Total: 14 credits


Fall Semester 5 – NUR Semester I

NUR 110:  Fundamentals of Nursing  (7cr)

NUR 320:  Trends in Nursing  (2cr)

BIO 355:   Pathophysiology    (3cr)

NUR 411:  Health Assessment and Promotion (4cr)

Total: 16 credits


Spring Semester 6 – NUR Semester II

BIO 314:   Genetics and Genomics  (3cr)

NUR 130:  Pharmacology in Nursing  (3cr)

NUR 200:  Medical-Surgical Nursing I  (8cr)

NUR 420:  Professional Nursing Practice (3cr)

HS 201:    Community Service (1)

Total: 18 credits


Fall Semester 7 – NUR Semester III

NUR  300:  Medical Surgical Nursing II  (5cr)

NUR  330:  Mental Health Nursing (5cr) or NUR  310: Maternal Child Nursing (5cr)

NUR  440:  Community Health  (3cr)

NUR  430:  Client Education Across the Lifespan(3cr)

Total: 16 credits


Spring Semester 8 – NUR Semester IV

NUR 301:  Medical Surgical Nursing III  (5cr)

NUR 310:  Maternal Child Nursing (5cr) or NUR 330:  Mental Health Nursing (5cr)

NUR 410:  Populations at Risk  (2cr)

NUR 450:  Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice  (3cr)

NUR 485:  Advanced Leadership  (3cr)

Total: 18 credits


Total Program Credits: 125

After graduation, a student can register for the NCLEX-RN (New York State Licensure exam: Registered Nurse)

(Students who place out of English Composition and/or required Mathematics will be required to take anywhere from 3 to 9 credits of other liberal arts courses designated by the Program Director.)