RN to BS Plan of Study

The RN to BS degree is offered at the Brooklyn Campus, as well as the New York Medical College campus in Valhalla, NY. The curriculum is developed in accordance with the program’s mission, goals, and expected student outcomes. The curriculum reflects professional nursing standards and guidelines and the needs and expectations of the community of interest. Teaching-learning practices are congruent with expected student outcomes. The Department of Nursing’s mission is to prepare qualified nursing professionals who can influence the health care environment and enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and society. 

The RN to BS degree is typically earned within one to two years, during which the student completes 61 credits; 21 credits in nursing, 39 credits in liberal arts, and 1 credit in community service. This program accepts up to 90 credits from an accredited institution (65 of which usually come from where the student has completed their diploma or AAS degree in Nursing). The student must already be a currently New York state licensed RN in order to be in this program. The student must have a total of 125 credits in order to receive the degree. A minimum of 24 liberal art credits are required upon admission to the program. Students with less than 24 credits will be required to take additional liberal art courses beyond what is already required.


Fall Semester 1          

BIO 355: Pathophysiology  (3)

MAT 111/120: College Mathematics or Pre-calculus (3)

NUR 411: Health Assessment and Promotion (4)

NUR 430: Client Education Across the Lifespan (3)

Liberal Arts Elective (3)

Total Credits:16


Spring Semester 2

BIO 314: Genetics and Genomics  (3) 

MAT 261: Statistics for Social Science Majors  (3)

LLE 102/GLL 122: English Composition 2 (3)

NUR 410: Populations at Risk  (2)

NUR 420: Professional Nursing Practice  (3)

Liberal Arts Elective  (3)

Total Credits: 17


Fall Semester 3         

SAS/GSO: Sociology Course  (3)

HIS/GHS: History Course  (3)

LLE/GLL: Literature Course  (3)

MCO/GCO: Computer Course  (3)

NUR 440: Community Health  (3)

Total Credits: 15


Spring Semester 4

HIS/GHS: History Course  (3)

LLE/GLL: Literature Course  (3)

HS 201: Community Service  (1)

NUR 450: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (3)

NUR 485: Advanced Leadership (3)

Total Credits: 13


Total Program Credits: 61

Students who place out of English Composition and/or College Mathematics will be required to take anywhere from 3 to 6 credits of other liberal arts courses designated by the Program Director.