How to Apply

As an ARC-PA accredited school, we participate in the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). All applications and supplemental documentation must be submitted through CASPA and received by our office no later than the application deadline. CASPA recommends submitting materials at least four (4) weeks in advance of the application deadline date. You can find out all the application information, and apply, at

What you’ll need:

All items must be submitted through CASPA

  • Transcripts
    Updated transcript(s) for all coursework not verified in the CASPA application may be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions as they become available.

  • Documentation that you shadowed a PA 
    Verification of a minimum of 20 additional hours "shadowing" a physician assistant, must be documented on the Physician Assistant Shadowing Form and uploaded through CASPA. We recommend retaining a copy of this completed form for your records. 

  • Direct Patient Contact Health Care Experience 
    Verification of a minimum of 200 hours of direct patient contact health care experience, either volunteer or paid, must be documented on the Patient Contact Form and uploaded through CASPA. We recommend retaining a copy of this completed form for your records. 
  • Letters of Recommendations
    Three (3) letters of recommendation. One of the letters of recommendation must be from a physician assistant. In order to confirm applicants have a clear understanding of the working relationship between physicians and physician assistants, the letter of recommendation from a PA cannot be substituted with a letter from another health care provider (i.e. RN, NP, paramedic)

  • Supplemental Application
    All applicants are required to pay a $25 supplemental application fee using the payment instructions provided through CASPA. The payment transaction number must be included on the supplemental application forms before they are uploaded to CASPA. Separate supplemental application documents and a separate fee will be required for each Touro location that you choose to apply for through CASPA. 

  • Personal Statement

Evaluation and Selection Process

Decisions on admission are made by a committee of PA program faculty, and are based on an assessment of the applicant's past academic performance, potential for success in the program, as well as his/her understanding of and commitment to the PA profession. The program Admissions Committee evaluates an applicant's completed application and considers the following factors:

  • Quality and content of the personal statement
  • Strength of recommendations (minimum of three letters)
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Science GPA
  • Nature and extent of health care experiences

Based on this evaluation, selected applicants are invited for a personal interview where they are assessed with regard to their understanding of the PA role, their motivation, maturity, intellectual qualities, insights, and interpersonal skills. 

The Admissions Committee makes final decisions on admission to the program.

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