The curriculum includes 30 credits of coursework, consisting of 19 credits of core courses and 11 credits of electives within various clinical specialties. The core courses prepare students for a leadership role in clinical practice, administration, research, and professional service. Elective courses offer the student the opportunity to develop specialized skills in a clinical area, including orthopedic and geriatric physical therapy. All students complete a doctoral research project or case study.

All students are required to be employed in a physical therapy setting while matriculated in the program. This requirement serves to enhance the ability of the student to integrate academic didactic knowledge with clinical skills.

Course meeting times are structured and scheduled with the working professional in mind. The structure is modeled on professional continuing education offerings in that courses extend over two to four full days, Sunday through Friday. This concentrated format also enables the program to utilize a diverse faculty that includes internationally-renowned clinicians.

The program is designed to be completed in approximately two years, with most students taking 6 to 9 credits a semester. If you anticipate being unable to take that many courses, and you are not on an F1 visa, the program can be tailored to meet specific needs. 

Requirements for Graduation

You will need to successfully complete all courses with a grade of B- or better in each course.