Student Services

Support to stay on track.

Attending a small school has many benefits, among them: the individual attention and nuanced support we’re able to provide every student.

Research and Technology

SHS students have access to all of the libraries and computer labs in the Touro network. Four libraries—one on Long Island, one in Manhattan, and two in Brooklyn—focus on health sciences. We have over 1,200 PCs and peripherals available at 22 locations. 

Tutoring and Advisement

Academic advisors help you plan your course schedule to meet all of your requirements and graduate on time. If necessary, they’ll also pair you with a tutor when you need some help in a specific class.

Career and Professional Prep

We’re invested in the success of every student, so when it’s time to find internships, fieldwork placements, or clinical experiences, we step in to make sure you go where your skills are best matched. We also offer professional development seminars, resume review, and interview practice to get you ready for the next step.

Personal Guidance

Every program provides an annual student orientation and matches each student with a faculty advisor to whom they can turn for professional, academic, and personal advice. Most administrative and faculty offices maintain an open door policy, so you can drop in whenever you need someone to talk to.