Undergraduate Programs

The Undergraduate Studies is not accepting new admissions applications at this time, but information about our bachelor’s degree in biology, psychology, or health sciences is available here for  students currently enrolled in the program.

Students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and at least a 2.3 in their major to graduate.


The bio major course requirements include 27-credit core curriculum, 27-credit major requirement and 18 elective credits, that provides a broad background in the biological sciences.

Health Sciences

Students complete two cores in the liberal arts and natural sciences, so they develop the cultural and scientific literacy to thrive in a number of professional fields and graduate degree programs. Required health sciences major courses explore the practical, legal, and ethical intricacies of health care in the U.S. You’ll learn various medical research methods and explore the psychology of health and illness as well.


Psychology major coursework includes a 27-credit core curriculum in the liberal arts, as well as required courses that survey developmental, experimental, abnormal, and biological psychology, and electives.


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