Know all of your options before taking out a loan, and speak to a financial aid counselor for assistance figuring out which program is right for you.

Touro College participates in Federal Unsubsidized Loans and Grad Plus loans. You can also apply for private loans. 

Initiating Your Loan

The School of Health Sciences Financial Aid Office initiates all Federal Stafford unsubsidized loans to students who have met all eligibility requirements and signed an electronic monetary promissory note (“eMPN”)—a statement that verifies students understand they are responsible for repaying their loans. 

To initiate Federal Grad Plus or Private/Alternative loans, students must select a lender and visit that lender’s website to sign an eMPN.

Receiving Your Funds

Students typically receive two disbursements of their loans, which are usually timed to coincide with the start of each semester.  The Bursar’s Office will contact you when your loan/refund checks are ready to be picked up.

Please reach out to us with any questions!