Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff take great pride in the physician assistant profession, value the art of medicine, the importance of PA education, and represent some of the best qualified physician assistants in the community. And you can see it in their commitment to our students, and to providing cutting edge didactic and clinical training. 

Administrative contacts:

Marien Fabal, Room 302, (646) 795-4510 ext. 47100, marien.fabal@touro.edu
Amy Hohowski, Room 310, (646) 795-4500 ext. 47106, amy.hohowski@touro.edu
Mary Slack, Room 305, (646) 795-4510 ext. 47104, mslack2@touro.edu
Anya Nieves, Room 308, (646) 795-4510 ext. 47109 anya.nieves5@touro.edu