Wellness and Mental Health at SHS

To help students with any mental health issue they are facing, SHS has mental health professionals available to assist the students. To schedule a meeting, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman at jeff.lichtman@touro.edu / 646-565-6115.

Touro-wide Mental Health Resources

The Department of Student Mental Health Services is happy to help any student with mental health needs during their studies at any Touro site. Whether it’s one meeting or several meetings, our mental health professionals can help Touro students with issues they are facing at school, home, work, etc.

What our Mental Health Professionals provide:

  • Short term supportive counseling and treatment for personal and emotional concerns.
  • Resources and programming that aim to improve mental health awareness and action.
  • Referrals for long term therapy if necessary.

Reach out by email at or call for more information at

Another option available to students is the Health Advocate Student Assistance Program.
Students can also reach out to Health Advocate in the event of needing a mental health professional to speak to. This is a free service that assists Touro students in connecting with licensed clinicians.

What Health Advocate clinicians provide:

  • licensed professional counselors who are available to talk to students 24/7.
  • Up to three free sessions with a licensed professional counselor
  • Referrals for long term treatment
  • Assistance with a variety of school/life issues and/or other issues such as housing, elder care, and child care.

Reach out at 855-384-1800
Or through their website at healthadvocate.com/members

Mental health emergency or crisis, contact numbers:
National suicide prevention lifeline 1800 273 8255
Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Council 1844-984-HOPE(4673)
NYC Domestic Violence Hotline 1800-621-HOPE(4673)

In an immediate emergency or crisis, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.