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We have programs in eight different areas of the health sciences - from PT, OT, speech, to PA and nursing, to ABA, mental health and IO psychology. Whichever program you graduate from, the hallmark of a School of Health Sciences at Touro College graduate is someone well-trained - taught by expert faculty, you have the knowledge and skills to excel in your field; well-versed - you’re up on the current literature and research and can keep up with the latest advances; and a well-doer - you are committed to doing good in your community, advocating for your patients and profession.

What Sets Us Apart?

Rigorous for a reason.

You're taught by active practitioners who combine the best of pedagogy and practice. They bring their clinical experience into the classroom, and know what you need to succeed.

Redefining quality.

More important than your A+, it is how you apply your book smarts that matters. The degree is not a badge of honor, but a responsibility. Our graduates are known for their compassion and their character, as much as they are for their skills.

State of change.

A relatively young institution, we value adaptability and agility. You’ll learn in an environment that embraces change and invests in innovation, shaping and preparing you to think similarly.

Believe in yourself. We do.

Our small classes and accessible faculty contribute to our supportive environment. From faculty and classmates alike, the overwhelming support, encouragement and confidence will help you reach your goals. You'll find yourself another family at the School of Health Sciences at Touro.



#pandemiccare OT professor Julie Kardachi says it’s all about creating healthy habits. “"Habit creation is difficult, so begin with something easy that will make you feel better after adding it to your daily routine. Try bringing a glass of water to your desk and be sure to take a sip every half hour. Start off by setting a timer on your phone and gradually, you will no longer need to use it as nourishing your body with fluids will become a part of your day. Additionally, because there is no longer a clear separation between work and relaxation as most of us are now doing both things from our homes, try working in one corner of the room and then walk back and forth every thirty minutes. Make it a rule that every half hour, you stand up, take a drink, and look out a window so your eyes can focus on something further away. Breathing is also vital. Practice taking deep breathes in as if you're smelling a flower and then blow it out slowly (as if you’re not blowing out candles but just trying to make the flames flicker). Sit up straight in your chair and think of your lungs as if they're a balloon. As you breathe in, blow the air into the balloon so your diaphragm is expanding out and down rather than up. This is called diaphragmatic breathing and it can help greatly when feeling stressed or anxious," said Kardachi. Kardachi is pictured here hard at work at her desk, with her water on hand. #tips #habit #habits #healthyhabits #drinkwater #routine #pandemic #newnormal #covid19 #workfromhome #deepbreaths #ot #occupationaltherapy #advice #mentalhealth #wellness #tourohealthsciences

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