The School of Health Sciences Touro University

Why The School of Health Sciences of Touro University?

We have programs in eight different areas of the health sciences - from PT, OT, speech, to PA and nursing, to ABA, mental health and IO psychology. Whichever program you graduate from, the hallmark of a School of Health Sciences at Touro University graduate is someone well-trained - taught by expert faculty, you have the knowledge and skills to excel in your field; well-versed - you’re up on the current literature and research and can keep up with the latest advances; and a well-doer - you are committed to doing good in your community, advocating for your patients and profession.

Earn a Degree in...

therapist working with child
psychologist and client in clinical setting
students sitting in classroom
close up of smiling student in classroom
nursing students and patient simulation
OT student practicing on another student
student examining skeleton
PT student practicing therapy on another student
PT student practicing therapy on another student
photo of students
PA students conducting a physical exam
PA student examining a patients ear
PA students reviewing x-rays
PA students on a laptop
Speech instructor with two students wearing headphones

What Sets Us Apart?

image explaining 99% employment

Over 99% Employment

Over 99% of SHS graduates who pass their licensing and certification exams find employment within six months. And with our preparation, nearly all pass.

image explaining healthcare partnerships

Healthcare Partnerships

We partner with over 300 healthcare facilities throughout the New York area where you will complete fieldwork and clinical rotations.

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We’re a leading health care institution, without the hefty price tag.

image explaining faculty experience

Experienced Faculty

We know the field and research the field. We’ve been in the classroom and schools, and are dedicated to helping you excel there.

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Diverse Student Population

Because we’re a small school with a diverse population, we take care to cultivate an environment that honors and accommodates all values and beliefs.

Upcoming Events

Sep 29September 29, 2023 9:00am ETSukkot Eve - No Classes after noon

Sep 29September 29, 2023 9:00am ETSukkot Eve - No Classes after noon

Sep 29September 29, 2023 9:00am ETSukkot Eve - No Classes after noon

Sep 29September 29, 2023 9:00am ETSukkot Eve - No Classes after noon


Our Values

Rigorous for a reason.

You're taught by active practitioners who combine the best of pedagogy and practice. They bring their clinical experience into the classroom, and know what you need to succeed.

Redefining quality.

More important than your A+, it is how you apply your book smarts that matters. The degree is not a badge of honor, but a responsibility. Our graduates are known for their compassion and their character, as much as they are for their skills.

State of change.

A relatively young institution, we value adaptability and agility. You’ll learn in an environment that embraces change and invests in innovation, shaping and preparing you to think similarly.

Believe in yourself. We do.

Our small classes and accessible faculty contribute to our supportive environment. From faculty and classmates alike, the overwhelming support, encouragement and confidence will help you reach your goals. You'll find yourself another family at the School of Health Sciences at Touro.