Research moves us forward. It allows us to advance patient care, develop treatment options that better fit patients’ needs, and graduate more prepared practitioners that are ready to engage in evidence-based practice.

Our faculty research clinical interventions and pedagogical approaches, working on cutting edge, multi-pronged, intensive research projects. Many work on smaller projects with students to involve them in research.

Clinical Interventions Research

It is Touro’s mission to serve the community around us and to contribute to the building of a responsive and responsible society. At the School of Health Sciences, we do that by promoting the health and well-being of our communities and engaging in research that makes that possible. Through research, we better understand health and illness and the challenges people face and find better, more effective ways to treat and help our patients achieve health and wellness, and live better lives.

Pedagogical Approach Research

We are always researching and assessing what we do and how we do it, so we can enhance our own educational programs. At our core, we are a teaching institution, and we want to make sure that our pedagogical approach is most effective at graduating well-prepared, qualified practitioners. We research our own teaching methods and strategies –for example, reviewing our interprofessional education teaching models and implementation; the use of social media in curriculum; admissions criteria and outcomes; or the use of school-provided iPads-to make sure we are using the best-proven teaching methods and curriculum for our students, preparing them for the realities of their professional lives in the best possible way.

Student Research

Our students are exposed to and actively engage in research to help them understand firsthand what it is to be part of a research team and even become independent researchers. As practitioners, our graduates learn how to assess and apply the latest research findings in their clinical practice. That experience starts here, at the School of Health Sciences, so our graduates are ready for lifelong learning, growth, and advancement in their practice. Students learn how to do research, and how to understand, critique, and apply research to daily practices in the clinic, so research can become a part of their understanding of their profession.