About Us

Where healing, teaching, and innovation merge. 

At the School of Health Sciences, we train students to become nurses, occupational and physical therapists, physician assistants and speech pathologists, as well as advocates, leaders, and allies in the communities they come from and those that they serve. Since our inception in 1972, we have grown to offer almost a dozen programs across four conveniently located campuses in Bay Shore, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. All of our undergraduate and professional training programs are flexibly designed to meet the needs of our tight-knit and diverse student body. 

Rigorous Academics, Real Outcomes

From undergraduate studies to post-professional certification, our cutting edge curricula incorporate the latest technology and research, as well as clinical experience, to prepare students for real careers in health science.

We partner with over 300 healthcare facilities throughout the New York area where students can complete fieldwork and clinical rotations, putting their learning to practice under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Students and Communities First

Our student body is small, which means more—and more meaningful—interaction with accomplished and attentive professors. Every student has a faculty advisor to help them through their coursework, career planning, and any obstacles that arise along the way.

Our goal is to nurture individuals who will use their knowledge and experience to help the people and families of New York and elsewhere that need it the most.

Redefining Health Care Education

We support each individual, emphasize service, encourage independent research, and provide ample opportunities for inter-professional collaboration: We’re a leading health care institution, without the hefty price tag.

We keep each of our programs' tuition competitive to ensure that every motivated student—regardless of class or circumstance—has the chance to learn, develop, and succeed as a health care specialist. 

We focus on the individual, serve communities, and teach people to treat others with compassion and forward thinking care. This is the science of healing.