“Being a PA Allows Me to Jump from One Specialty to Another”

Boundless Curiosity Pushed U of M Alumnus Julie Korin to PA School

September 26, 2019
Julie Korin

Julie Korin attended the University of Michigan where she double majored in economics and the interdisciplinary major of bio psychology, cognition and neuroscience. Initially, Korin believed she’d work in a corporate office and even interned at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

“The experience made me realize I didn’t want to be working behind a desk,” said Korin. “I knew I wanted to do something with people.” In her junior year, she discovered the PA profession after meeting with a PA (who, coincidentally, was a graduate of Touro’s SHS PA program). “Once she told me about her job, I knew it was the job I was looking for.”

Korin said that the profession appealed to her for several reasons. “I like the amount of time PAs get to spend with patients; I don’t have to worry about paperwork,” said Korin. “Plus, I’m very curious. I never wanted to pigeonhole myself in any one profession. Being a PA allows me to jump from one specialty to another.”

Korin believes that her economics training will be an asset for her. “Economics teaches you a systematic way of looking at problems and how to think efficiently.” After graduating, Korin worked as a dental assistant. “It was good practice for being a PA since it teaches you how to be personable since you’re spending time with the patient and trying to get them comfortable.”

Why did she choose Touro? The fact that the program was 32 months drew her to the program along with the evening classes. “I could study all day and have class from 4-9 and then I’m finished,” she said. Korin also read about some SHS PA students who did their clinical in Israel where Korin has family and where she would also like to do a rotation. As for what she wants to specialize in, this future PA said that only time will tell. “My answer changes every day. I’m very curious and I find everything interesting. That’s why I chose to be a PA.”