Touro College’s School of Health Sciences Alum Dogus Akay Highlights How His Education Prepared Him for His Physical Therapy Career

Touro’s Knowledgeable Professors Make All the Difference in the Lives of Students

October 26, 2018
Dogus Akay

Dogus Akay doesn’t sugarcoat why in 2014 he decided to attend Touro College School of Health Sciences in Manhattan. “Location,” admits Akay, a newly-minted graduate with a doctorate in physical therapy. “I had no expectations. But from day one, it was a great experience. The faculty was the best part. Besides teaching manual PT techniques, they offer professional advice and support.” Early on, Akay, now 26 and originally from Turkey, decided he wanted to become active in the New York Physical Therapy Association: “I went to our director and told her and she immediately put me in touch with the people who could help me get involved.”

An avid runner and swimmer, Akay’s practice will focus on outpatient orthopedics. “Musculoskeletal injuries,” he explains. “Car accidents, sports injuries and post-op — helping patients get back to what they were.” He plans to stay on top of the latest research in his field because his Touro, evidence-based education taught him that physical therapy is more than a hands-on proposition: “On the first day of semester three, you begin to learn research concepts and on the last day of the last semester — two years of hard work — you and your team showcase your findings to the rest of the school. The point is, we leave the school not just as good clinicians, but as good researchers so we can apply the best research to help our patients.”