Master's in IO Psychology



Due to COVID-19 all Summer 2021 courses are being held remotely.

A master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology will increase your professional value, and equip you with the practical tools and psychological methods to help businesses become more productive and profitable.


Capstone Internship

The cornerstone of our program is the 240 hour IO internship, where you put all you've learned into practice. Upon graduation, many interns are offered a full-time job at their internship location.

Alumni Network

We have an amazing alumni network, in I-O positions, ready to help you get started on your I-O career.

Organizational Development Focus

Our curriculum studies successful organizational change and performance, and projects throughout will allow you to apply the ideas and techniques you’re learning.

Online and On-Campus

Classes are available online or on campus. Online classes are in sequence and at scheduled times, but commute-free. On campus classes are centrally located in midtown Manhattan at 232 West 40th Street.

When you graduate, you will know how to apply psychology to the world of work by bringing scientific methodology to workplace challenges, and be well prepared to join a large organization, work in consulting, business, education, government, and community or healthcare organizations, and to help them tackle personnel issues where psychological expertise is crucial. 

Theories, Applied

As an I-O Psychologist, you might deal with:

  • sexual harassment
  • personality and hiring
  • absenteeism
  • gender and leadership
  • workplace aggression
  • organizational justice
  • diversity
  • cross-cultural studies
  • globalization
  • motivation

Among a host of HR challenges, you'll use your skills for:

  • training and development
  • selection and promotion
  • talent spotting and individual assessment
  • understanding and changing the organizational culture
  • HR strategy during mergers and acquisitions
  • executive coaching
  • leadership succession planning
  • research and data analysis

In our program you will learn to understand the theories, models and philosophies that relate to these areas, and how to apply them.