NBCOT and Program Outcomes

Graduation Rate

Entering YearNumber of Students Entering*Number of Years Enrolled
Cumulative number of GraduatesGraduation Rate
2016 59 3 2019 54 91.5%
    4 2020 59 100%
2017 58 3 2020 53 91.4%
    4 2021 58 100%
2018 53 3 2021 49 92.5%**

*Students have the option to enroll in the OT program for completion in 3, 4, or 5 years.
**The remaining enrolled students who entered in 2018 are expected to graduate in 2022.

The total number of graduates from the Touro College Occupational Therapy Department was as follows:

Of the 59 students entering in 2016, 54 of them graduated in 2019 (91.5%) and the remaining graduated in 2020 (100% graduation rate).

Of the 58 students entering in 2017, 53 of them graduated in 2020 (91.4%) and the remaining graduated in 2021 (100% graduation rate).

Of the 53 students entering in 2018, 49 of them graduated in 2021 (92.5%), and the remaining students are expected to graduate in 2022.

National Board for Certification in Occupation Therapy (NBCOT) Exam Results

Graduates of our program are eligible to sit for the NBCOT examination. Data for NBCOT certification pass rate is available on the NBCOT website and is summarized in the table below:


NBCOT pass percentage** (%)







 **The NBCOT pass rate is calculated based on the number of new graduates who passed the NBCOT exam during the testing year to meet ACOTE’s reporting standard.

Employment and employer satisfaction

Employers of our graduates are satisfied with performance. 100% of the employers of our graduates, who responded to a survey in 2017, were satisfied or very satisfied with their performance, and 94% were likely or very likely to hire another graduate of the Touro College Occupational Therapy Programs.

Our graduates are successfully employed. 100% of the graduates of the Touro College Occupational Therapy class of 2021, who responded to a survey, indicated that, after receiving credentials, they obtained a job as an occupational therapist within one year of graduation.