Mission & Goals

The Graduate Program in Speech Language Pathology shares Touro University’s mission in keeping with the Jewish commitment to intellectual inquiry, transmission of knowledge and professional career interests through scholarship, research and outreach. The program is committed to quality education with integrity, inclusivity, equity and respect for all students, faculty, staff and clients. A fundamental component of the SLP program is the analysis and synthesis of academic and applied clinical skills as well as the development of critical thinking in providing services to individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. Specifically, the program’s mission is to prepare highly qualified and ethical speech language pathologists who can impact the health care environment and enhance the quality of life for individuals and the families served.


The program provides content and opportunities for students to learn so that each student can demonstrate the following attributes and abilities (ASHA, 2023):

Goals of the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology

  • Goal 1: Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Goal 2: Enhance written and oral communication skills, and information literacy
  • Goal 3: Provide the theoretical and applied expertise to select, use, and analyze the methodology available to evaluate and treat individuals with communication and swallowing disorders
  • Goal 4: Prepare students for a career in the profession of Speech-Language Pathology
  • Goal 5: Provide the concepts and model the behaviors indicative of ethical practice and cultural responsiveness within the profession of Speech-Language Pathology