Identity & Recovery Lab

Yosef Sokol, PhD

Dr. Yosef Sokol’s research interests lie in the intersection between identity, recovery, and suicide symptoms. Specifically, his research focuses on how personal identity deficits, and in particular, deficits in ‘future self-continuity,’ a sense of persistence of the self into the future, relate to the development and recovery from suicide-related symptoms.

His research findings have led him to develop a recovery-oriented treatment for individuals with a recent episode of acute suicidal symptoms: ‘Continuous Identity Cognitive Therapy (CI-CT). Further treatment development for this intervention will be funded by a recently awarded five-year Career Development Award from the Veteran Affairs Administration. 

This identity/recovery framework has also led to a recovery-oriented health-psychology intervention for individuals with long-Covid, which he is developing in coordination with an interdisciplinary medical/mental health long-Covid steering committee.

This lab will further develop research in the nexus of identity, recovery, and psychopathology with a focus on using scientific findings for treatment development.